SG Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD, BH, OVC. H & E

SG RIVERGREEN TENDAM TUFFLOVE has a beautiful rich black and red coloring, to a very high drive temperament that loves to work and learn and has a beautiful moving gait. 'Tuffy" just earned her C.D. Title on October the 6th/02 and twice placed high point in her its onto her C.D.X. Title Tuff is now being trained for her BH Title, plus is also being trained for tracking which she picked up real fast. She has also started Schutzhund training which she really enjoys. She also earned the Evaluation Certificate, VPI in the 9 to 12 month old class in Orangeville under the German judge Horst Knabe. You would almost think that this was a bragging post, but she really does excel in everything she has been taught.
Tuffy's pedigree is below. Click on icon for a larger image of the dog.
V1 Maffay von Arminius SchH3, kklla
VA Esko Vom Danischen Hof SCHH2
Jango Vom Fuerstenberg SCH 111
Wobo Von Larchenhein SCH 111 FH
Uta Vom Fuerstenberg SCH 1
V Una Von Oxsalis SCHH2
Karly Von Arminius SCHH3
Nina Von Der Romerau SCHH1
Finta Vom Michelsadter Rathaus SCHH1
V Zito Von Der Noriswand SCHH3
VA Jeck Von Noricum SCH 111
Ranni Vom Fliederbusch SCHH3
V Wilma Vom Michelstadter Rathaus SCHH1
Nilo Von Adeloga SCHH3
Quista Vom Kirschental SCHH3
Lea Od Radovana Plavica IPO1
VA Lasso V.neuen Berg SCHH3

V Folemarkens Jasso SCHH3
V-A Mark Vom Haus Beck SCH 111
Folemarkens Quelle BHP 1
V Eike Vom Neuen Berg SCHH2
V Enzo Von Der Burg Aliso SCHH3 FH
V Anusch Von Der Beilsteinmuhle SCHH3
Adina Od Radovana Plavsica IPO1
V Watz Vom Schornfelsen SCHH3

VA Fanto V. Hirschel SCH 111
V Pola Von Schornfelsen SCHH2
Champ Yug Triksi
Champ Yug Canto Von Der Furstenperle SCHH2
Elsa Iz Alatne Doline



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