Shy and Timid Dogs


After 20 years of training puppies dogs I have come to the conclusion that you can never change a dogs personality,

They are what they are, just like a person who might be shy, or bold.

So you must be very careful when picking out your puppy if you want to show him/her in the show ring or obedience work. etc, as a shy and timid dog will hate ever thing about the show ring, they will do everything possible to get out of the public eye.

The worst thing a person can do to a puppy or dog is to try to force them to change their personalities as I find it makes the dog worse, and it's impossible to do, as no one can change a dogs genes.

You can try socializing the dog and put him/her in a group of people and other dogs, but you will soon realize that the dog is very uncomfortable and the more people reach out to make her feel at ease, the worse she becomes, and may even start biting just to keep strangers away from her.

 These Timid dogs can make wonderful pets as long as you understand their personalities, they are  intelligent, and will do most anything you ask of them at" home", but bring a stranger home and its like they freeze up and all they want to do is find a place to hide, till the stranger leaves

 You can try to help this type personality out and take it to puppy class to socialize him/her, but when you see that scared look in your puppies eyes and see the class is not helping him/her, then do your puppy a favour and take him out of puppy class for this can be torture on a sensitive puppy.

 So please think before you purchase that cute puppy hiding behind the couch or table if you are thinking of showing him/her, and you will save yourself a lot of grief in the long run.

 Hope this advice might be useful when you are looking for that Special Show Dog.

Shy and Timid Dogs

Audrey J Tendam